TridgeMC is a new, fast growing, 1.17.+ Minecraft server with different gamemodes you can choose of. 
Because TridgeMC still has a small amount of players, our network features the following game modes:
- Hardcore Survival
- Skyblock
- Creative
Once TridgeMC has built up a larger community, more gamemodes will be added to our network! So feel free to invite your friends and don't forget to vote for TridgeMC network. 

Hardcore Survival

Explore the survival world alone of among your friends. But watch out, the monsters are closer and stronger then you think! 
To prevent you from being griefed, TridgeMC has an anti-grief plugin that allows you, together with your friends, to claim your piece of land. Every hour that you are playing you will receive extra blocks to expand your land. As soon as you vote for TridgeMC, you will receive an extra 100(!) blocks.


Afraid or hights? Please, don't play Skyblock :-p 
In Skyblock you create your own "flying" island. You spawn with some default stuff that will help you start creating a massive island!


If collecting stuff is taken you too long, you can also play Creative! Built the most epic sculptures, amazing houses or just an amazing piece of art. 

Do you still have any questions about TridgeMC network? Feel free to ask the Staff! 
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